A small piece of heaven on earth

An islandish oasis

A scenery for an unusual experience

The garden

When he first bought the garden, Ioannis Meletopoulos planted a variety of original plants and flowers, and so Cine Manto became a botanical garden which is well preserved until this very day. In addition to the old species, Cine Manto hosts a whole new collection of plants while it is a cozy hideout for many cute animals. During your visit don’t forget to pet the cats and take a picture of the cistern full of koi fishes.


The Cactus and the Cistern

Six enormous cactus is growing in the Gardens. They make a beautiful flower once a year, living just one night. Maybe the biggest cactus in the world! The old cistern on the edge of the garden hosts a variety of Goldfish and Waterlilies between the statues that are laid there.