Those who wish me Dead

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Stationed in a lonely fire lookout tower in the heart of Montana’s green wilderness, guilt-ridden Hannah Faber, a daredevil smoke-jumper having a death wish, is still struggling to cope with her emotional trauma after a disastrous failure of judgement. Then, as if that weren’t enough, Hannah crosses paths with utterly unprepared Connor, the young son of the forensic accountant, Owen Casserly, and catches the attention of a highly trained pair of assassins bent on silencing the boy for good. Now, to prevent them from finishing the job, Hannah must put her sharp survival skills to good use and stop the killers, who would do everything in their power to cover their tracks–including setting the forest ablaze. Can Hannah and Connor escape from those who wish them dead?

To «Those Who Wish Me Dead» διαδραματίζεται με φόντο με τεράστια πυρκαγιά στα δάση της Μοντάνα, όπου ένα νεαρό αγόρι που έγινε μάρτυρας μιας δολοφονίας θα βρει προστασία από μια γυναίκα πυροσβέστη, ενώ οι δολοφόνοι τους καταδιώκουν για να τους σκοτώσουν και η φωτιά απειλεί να τους καταπιεί όλους.

25.06.2021 - 27.06.2021
Playtime 100'
Genre Drama, Adventure
Direction Taylor Sheriddan
Actors Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Hult, Jake Webber
Language English
Subtitles Greek


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