Cocoon photo, by Angeliki Kasalia

  • Date: 13/07/2016
  • Venue: Cine Manto

The cocoon, the cocoon, the waiting, the expectation, the killing and the sunrise. The “blind” life, embroiled in the primordial embryonic attitude, predominantly lonely, in a protective veil-film-membrane, with eyes unobtrusive to the bush, waits patiently to counter-light, to fold its muddy-parts and upright emancipated posture. The veil – the membrane – the membrane – the cocoon embraces without threat, enclosing but not excluding, protecting but not castrating, promising but not “knocking”. They perform multiple, at times distinct and at times indistinguishable, missions with the ultimate goal of arriving in the light of a lonely, inward journey and a baby stepped path, full of back-turns, recollections, deletions, marginal notes and boldly demanding jumps. direction.

The cocoon, the cocoon, is really the journey … a good trip to the known and the unknown, and so on.