A small piece of heaven on earth

An islandish oasis

A scenery for an unusual experience

The garden

Cine Manto is a unique and vast garden located in the center of town of Mykonos, open to the public, drowned by palm trees, towering pines and unique species of cactus. Sheltered from the wind and always cool, is an unexpected picture of Mykonos. Within these majestic garden there are: an open-air-cinema “Cine Manto open-air cinema” and the coolest cafe-restaurant of the island “Cine Manto Restaurant”.  With much more to offer than just another screening, one will be amazed when discovering this little piece of paradise. Cine Manto Mykonos acts as a shelter from the sometimes bustled and energetic lifestyle of Mykonos. If one prefers something other than clubbing, shopping,  strolling around or you want to relax, Cine Manto Mykonos is your go-to place; an unexpected picture that serves as scenery for an unusual experience.

The open-air cinema

Every night, the cinema opens its gates with two movies back to back, so one could grab a meal at the restaurant and be just in time for the beginning of the preview. You can enjoyt the best movies, first worldwide release films &  for adult  and children.. After wandering around and sightseeing the Island, to watch a movie under the bright stars of the Greek summer sky is definitely the perfect way to end a day, and -in any case- a once in-a-lifetime experience. The films are all in original version with Greek subtitles.

The Cactus and the Cistern

Six enormous cactus is growing in the Gardens. They make a beautiful flower once a
year, living just one night. Maybe the biggest cactus in the world! The old cistern on the edge of the garden hosts a variety of Goldfish and Waterlilies between the statues that are laid there.