• Date: 12/06/2020
  • Venue: From Mykonos to Delos

Mykonos Cruise provides a delightful and relaxing day enjoying the essence of Greek life in, on and next to the sea. With your own private 43’ sailing yacht, skippered by one of the most experienced sailors in the Aegean, Captain Dimitris Kioukas, you and your small group of family and friends will have the rare opportunity to immerse yourselves in a day of sailing, swimming and exploring some of the most magical places on earth in a way only possible by sailboat.

During this special journey, you have the chance to learn, experience and even taste things that ordinary tourists or visitors cannot. The breathtaking scenery of the Cycladic Islands as your backdrop, your classroom, and playground – where the forces of wind and waves, geology and history have all left their mark in dramatic ways. The miraculous light of the Aegean Sea, and the beauty and simplicity of life on its shores and islands, are qualities best experienced with a sailboat.

So we have created a one-day sailing cruise, from Mykonos to Delos, the fabled center of the ancient world – to help our guests understand and enjoy these qualities firsthand – and return home again with a fresh appreciation for the sweetness of life and the call of the sea.